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"In your Light, I learn to Love"



Our Founder's Maldives Wedding was no less than a dream. The events kicked off with the Engagement Night where the decor was kept rustic - amalgamating the beautiful scenic landscape and setting the tone for the coming 3 days. Beach-y backdrops, elegant entry, it was all surreal.


With the sand and Waves as the Backdrop, this event was kept light, colourful and enjoying the beach and views of the beautiful property, engulfing the true sense of Maldives!


A Grand stage on the Beach for all the performance for Sangeet was much required and took all our manpower to build! Along with our mesmerising backdrop, it all came together in perfect harmony.


Traditions are a Must! Classic Yellow for a Haldi contrasting with they blue sky were a perfect touch.


The final day and event. With the perfect Mandap over the Sunset, a floral aisle for the bride and groom and the Phoolon ki Chaddar borne by the brother of the bride, the surreal moment arrived wrapped in emotions and love.

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